Whether you are just starting to plan your first single, or you have fully mixed album and just need another set of ears, I can help make sure your project is everything you want it to be. Let's grab a coffee and chat about what will benefit your project the most.


The term producer has changed to mean a lot of things today, but essentially, this is someone who is going to help guide your creative vision from start to finish. Maybe this means help with arranging and songwriting; maybe it is a trained set of ears to tell you when you're on the right track and offer suggestions to help push your music to the next level. Having a producer means there is someone around whose job is to always be thinking of ways to make your music better. This can also include engineering and recording if the project or studio does not have an engineer on staff.


If you already have your tracks recorded, whether they were done at a professional studio or your cousin's basement, a dedicated mixing engineer can make a world of difference. Mixing is about understanding the arrangement, structure, and sonic world of the song and making sure everything is improving those elements. If possible, I suggest a couple attended sessions, where we can sit and work through the mix together. A lot of musicians have reservations about passing off their hard work to another person, but a mixing engineer should be an artistic collaborator working with you to make sure the mixes do what you want them to.


If you are an artist looking to make your next multimedia project stand out, I'd love to talk to you about composing original music for your next short film, documentary, dance recital, VR piece, etc. With experience in classical, electronic, pop, folk experimental, and more, I can find a unique musical voice to help elevate your work. Collaboration is the name of the game here and we will work together to make sure the music fits your vision. 


Mastering is probably the most misunderstood of all processes involved in record-making. Do I even need a mastering engineer??? Yes! A mastering engineer's job is to make your music sound awesome no matter if your audience is hearing it on a car stereo, laptop, earbuds, or $10,000 hi-fi system, and to make a bunch of songs sound like a cohesive album. But, mastering is just about loudness, right?! Well yes and no. Mastering is about the right loudness; making sure your music stands out in a crowded landscape while preserving all of the dynamics, nuances, and vibe you worked so hard to create. Just as with each process in making your record, collaboration is just as important with mastering. I spend way more time listening to each track and talking with the artist about the project than I do tweaking EQs, compressors, etc.


So how much does all this cost???

I don't post prices online because Orangutan Sound is priced by the project and each project is different. We can look at your budget together and decide what makes the most sense and where your money can be best spent.

In most cases, I do not charge hourly. When you have to worry about whether that additional guitar track or mix adjustment is going to run over the clock, you are making decisions based on money and time, not based on the music. Sometimes this means I lose money on a project, but I would much rather have an end result that we're both satisfied with, than a crappy track that was cheap to make.

Send me an email and let's talk about what you have in mind.